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conscious luxury

‘Samantha Farrugia’ (SF) creates from an ethically based foundation with conscious & mindful intention to continually support the well-being of the individual & our planet.

SF pieces are created with mindful intention from initial concept to production. Creation begins out of place of inspired wellbeing, using her vast knowledge & understanding of colour & design for the wellbeing of others. SF has purposefully used 100% natural silk for all her pieces, as it is kind to the earth. Silk is easily biodegradable & works in harmony with the earth’s natural recycling process. Silk can go on to produce mulch & compost (soil). Unlike synthetics such as nylon & polyester which are made from petrochemicals. They can be very polluting to the environment, as they are
non-biodegradable & difficult to dispose. Synthetics are also energy intensive, & require large amounts of crude oil to produce. SF is conscious of the use of energy resources, including water wastage in mass production & so chooses to produce one exclusive, luxury collection a year, in limited edition quantities.

SF is continually researching new & innovative ways to produce her collections for the well-being of others & our planet, which doesn’t come at a high cost to the consumer, producer, or worker, & works in harmony with the earth. Passionate about animal rights, a small percentage of profits are given with love, in support of animal wellbeing. Profits have gone to Animals Australia & Orangutan Outreach which rescues Orangutans from the destructive deforestation of their rainforest habitat, inflicted by the palm oil industry.

“True wellbeing lies in showing love & kindness towards ourselves first. Then we have the capacity to love & nurture others, & the world around us.” (SF).

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