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Artist/Designer Samantha Farrugia has created a whole new way of living & being in today’s busy world, by developing one of a kind ‘wellness creations’ intended to inspire, uplift & free a woman’s spirit. Samantha believes colour to be transformative to a person’s wellbeing. She uses the subtle, yet powerful energy of colour to evoke peace, beauty & wellness to the wearer.

Samantha’s Fijian heritage, & love for her island home has provided her with an abundance of endless inspiration: “I attempt to capture the relaxed harmonic state of ‘being’ with which our rich tropical paradise gives to us. Mother Nature’s gifted grace.” Using silk as her canvas, Samantha transforms her beautiful designs into luxury lifestyle pieces. Her stunning pieces can be worn on any occasion, from gorgeous relaxed day wear to divine balmy evenings.

Samantha’s unique, mindful creations also contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. Her unique hand designed signature pieces are created from 100% silk, are soft to the skin & kind to the earth. They are produced in small, exclusive quantities & are easily biodegradable. A small percentage of sales profits from her ‘wellness creations’ are given to a selected animal welfare organisation. Showing kindness and support towards the wellbeing of our animals and our planet.

Samantha is excited to introduce her second luxury collection ‘BHAKTI’, which she created in her much loved island paradise.

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